Investars Collaborative Educational Investing Game for Young Adults and Their Parents

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  • In Investars, you'll Invest in Companies, manage your Accounts, and Achieve your Big Goals to retire in style!
  • Challenging educational game teaches compound interest, tax-advantaged accounts, and long-term financial goal planning.
  • Includes Expansion Pack #1 with 20+ extra cards, more money, and extra dice to play with up to 7 people! With a dynamic game board made of tiles you help choose, every game is unique!
  • Designed by a young adult and her parent, who worked for a major financial firm for nearly 30 years.

Investars is a collaborative game of financial planning. Your team is a family that fast-forwards through life, starting in your 20s and aging a decade every round. To win, you must Save for the future, Invest in Companies, Achieve your selected Big Goals, and get everyone back Home to retire.

Be careful! Life Events can increase your fortunes or send you into Debt. If a company goes out of business, its card is removed from the game, potentially cutting off your family's path to achieving a Big Goal or getting back Home!

While playing Investars, you'll also learn important financial concepts, In short, you might just learn to be better investors!

Now includes Expansion Pack #1 to play with up to 7 players!

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