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Dolly's Bookworm Educational Game for Girls and Boys

Dolly's Bookworm Educational Game for Girls and Boys

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  • Dolly's Bookworm is the big book-lovers game of Hide & Seek that encourages kids to read books! The Librarian hides a Bookworm in a book cover, and other players ask Yes or No questions about the books to find where it is hidden!
  • For kids ages 3-303, Dolly's Bookworm is a unique educational game with over 65 classic stories to pick from! Dolly's Bookworm competed in the Mensa Mind Games 2015 competition and was chosen as one of the top indie tabletop games of 2015 by the Boston Festival of Indie Games!
  • Pre-readers can use the visual story icons to know if the story has magic and if the main characters are girls, boys, or animals. Advanced players can hide multiple bookworms and/or keep the books on the shelves instead of removing them after guesses!
  • Invented by an 11-year-old to share her love of reading with other children. Brought to life by her successful Kickstarter campaign and the support of her 100+ backers! Delightful custom illustrations and quality printing by AdMagic!

In Dolly's Bookworm, players try to find the bookworm hidden by the librarian hiding in a bookshelf of over 30 books. By asking yes or no questions, books are removed from the shelves, narrowing the choices until the bookworm is found. Is the book blue? Is the main character an animal? Does the story have magic in it?

With simple rules, three shelves, four bookworms, over 60 titles to pick from and player questions limited only by your imagination, no two games of Dolly's Bookworm will ever be the same.

See more information about the game and its successful Kickstarter campaign at Facebook/dolly bookworm.

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